About the Wright Investment Group

About Us

The Wright Investment Group is a leading commercial real estate investment firm specializing in single and multi-tenant net lease properties. We are a proud affiliate of Millenia Partners, one of the fastest growing full-service commercial real estate companies in Florida. Based in the Eastern United States, we offer investment and advisory services to corporate and institutional clients, preferred developers, franchisees, private equity groups, and high net-worth individuals throughout the country.

Our team of highly qualified commercial real estate professionals has a multitude of experience in marketing, communications and finance. With our deep market knowledge and unparalleled service ethic, The Wright Investment Group develops real estate strategies that help clients achieve their investment objectives.

The Team

We are the Special Forces of commercial real estate. We believe that at the heart of any successful business is a high caliber, elite team of highly skilled members working together toward a common goal. From research and analytics, to marketing and closing, we strategically and meticulously handle each transaction with the utmost precision and care. Our team’s success is attributed to each members passion, expertise and tireless efforts to deliver excellence in everything they do.

The Difference

While a creative and resourceful approach to business management has been integral in shaping The Wright Investment Group’s firm into the industry leader it is today, what sets us apart are the intangibles, like relationships, our caring service, pursuit of excellence, and going above the call of duty, that are at the heart of every transaction we undertake.

Precision. Intensely focused on efficiency, details and results, we work around the clock to provide our clients the most accurate up-to-date information available regarding their property. Our targeted marketing and in-depth research is further enhanced by our sophisticated, pristine database consisting of only the most authentic, reliable statistics. This enables us to discover innovative insights into the incredibly competitive commercial real estate market.

Persistence. We pride ourselves on our commitment to forge long-term relationships with every client we have the privilege to work with. This provides a deep sense of trust, security and unmatched loyalty. Our clients investment objectives become our mission, and we pursue each one as if it were our own. With each transaction, a unique story evolves along the way. It is our intent to be a part of the story from beginning to end.

Passion. We love what we do. It is our sincere honor and pleasure to be involved in our client’s commercial real estate investment objectives. We thrive on the opportunity to explore fresh ideas and craft thoughtful solutions to transform each individual’s goals into reality. Enthusiasm is contagious, therefore, we make it a pleasure for our clients to work with us.

The Mission

Ultimately, commercial real estate investing is the art of aligning the ideal investment property with the client’s long-term wealth objectives. Our mission is to integrate each of our clients individual thoughts, ideas and financial goals, and craft a unique solution to help them attain the wealth they desire. Success not only depends on generating measurable results, but also by exceeding their highest expectations.