“Virginia with the Wright Investment Group successfully represented us in the transaction. I am very pleased to have worked with her.”

—Gerald Terry


“I am very pleased to work with the Wright Investment Group. Virginia never gave up, her persistence and tenacity throughout the entire process is what brought this deal to close.”

— Haralambos Kostopoulos


“With just days to designate replacement properties for my 1031 exchange, Virginia and the Wright Investment Group provided me with an exceptionally qualifying investment. Although we were met with obstacles throughout the exchange, Virginia assisted with obtaining the required due diligence materials to efficiently complete the process, as well as provide up-to-date photos on the construction status. I am very pleased to have worked with Wright Investment Group.”     

— Tab Mitchell, Attorney at Law


“Thank you for all of your help and support through this complicated process. I had no idea what was involved in a 1031!  You were so supportive and patient, not to mention a wonderful teacher of commercial real estate. It was truly an education. I just know if it wasn’t for you, I would have given up and thrown the towel in. I look forward to some more adventures (and making some more money to have adventures) with you.  Thank you again for being so terrific. I feel lucky to have worked with you.”

— Bonnie Levin


“The Wright Investment Group showed true tenacity when marketing my property. Virginia was able to work with me on my loan defeasance and secure a willing and able buyer.”

— Ernestine Bennett


“The Wright Investment Group did an outstanding job promoting my investment to their prospective buyers. I was very happy to have received numerous offers to select from, and within such a short time frame.”

Mark Schaevitz


“I am very pleased to have worked with Virginia and her team at the Wright Investment Group. Virginia remained motivated throughout the entire transaction process and worked persistently to identify a 1031 buyer she had previously worked with.”  

—  Steve Collins


“The Wright Investment Group worked quickly and efficiently, providing me with multiple offers to select from. Virginia Wright made certain that the buyer received an accurate evaluation of the asset, contracted for the purchase of it, and closed it in a manner that was very helpful to all involved. We were very pleased with her efforts on our behalf and would gladly do business with her again.”  

—  Alan Kahn


“The Wright Investment Group is a pleasure to work with. Virginia always remained positive and assured with each decision. Although we encountered many obstacles along the way, Virginia’s experience and market knowledge came together to overcome the challenges. I would highly recommend the Wright Investment Group to any client looking for a committed commercial real estate firm.”

—  Marianna Guevarra


“The Wright Investment Group did a great job putting my Wendy’s deal together. It was dead three times, and Virginia managed to resurrect it each time. I appreciate your efforts.

P.S. I have the feeling that this might not be our last deal.”

— Greeley Ellis


“Where should I start? Well, I must say that it has been a blessing that I met Virginia with the Wright Investment Group. I am so glad to have the chance to work with Virginia. We have a great partnership and I’m thankful to know her. She has always been so good to me.”

—Gloria Beauchene


“I especially want to thank Virginia for her perseverance and professionalism in getting the Wendy’s deal closed. I look forward to our next successful venture.”

—James E. Bridges


“Virginia is fantastic. She is one of the most effervescent, outgoing, ‘go-getter’ type people that I’ve come across.”

—Harris Weinstein


“I want to thank the Wright Investment Group for all their hard work in making the sale of our property happen. It never would have occurred without their perseverance, talent, and dedication. It was an absolute pleasure working with Virginia. Again, Thank you so much for everything.”

Steve Bard, Attorney